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PCOUNT IID can output digital data at 250 Mega Bytes/second with no gaps and with no losses or dead time to the limit of computer storage through a DIO board.    PCOUNT IID can alternatively provide up to 16 bits of digital input at 125 MHz in addition to the two input channels of 1 Gigahertz time-correlated photon counting with USB output.  

PCOUNT IIID provides up to 8 bits of digital data input at 125 MHz and provides three channels of photon counting at 1 GHz

PCOUNT IV provides four channels of photon counting at 1 GHz per channel with no dead time or loss

PCOUNT IIA provides two channels of 1 GHz photon counting and one channel of 125MHz ADC in the same format as the PCOUNT IID

All other specifications except size and power are the same as the PCOUNT II.

Size:    PCOUNT IID - 5.25" D x 4.0" H x 6.3.75" W exclusive of front panel connections and switches and rear panel usb
Power:  0.37A 100-240V 50/60Hz