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Links Below for operation and adjustment of the PV16 amplifier discriminator

PV16 Hybrid Threshold Adjustment and Noise elimination
Photon Counting Discriminator Video from PV16 Metal Can PMT
Photon Counting Video with varying light intensity

Typical Toggle at 1 GHz into TDS694C 3 GHz Oscilloscope
The Blue line is the input at 10 mv/div

Typical Output at 410 MHz
The Blue line is the input at 10 mv/div

The PV16 amplifier and photon counter are available at a fraction of the cost of competing products - $250.00 with power supply, adjustment tool, and SMA terminator.

The USB photon counter interface is available for low cost input.  The input may be upgraded at any time to a high speed digital input card (DIO).

A  DIO computer card and software have been tested for

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