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The AC coupled output of the PV16 may be converted to a LVTTL pulse output with fixed width by coupling the output of the PV16 to the P2TTL box.  The width of the TTL pulse is either fixed at the factory, or may be adjusted by an internal slider to up to 20 ns.
Converting the sub-nanosecond PV16 output to a LVTTL pulse may be necessary for compatibility with older devices which were not designed to count faster than 10 to 100 Megahertz.  In some cases it is necessary to make the output pulse width compatible with a digital sample rate.

The top trace in the oscilloscope picture is the output of a PV16 pulse, and the bottom trace is the absolute minimum pulse width from the P2TTL box.

1.26" cube same size as PV16
6V @ 153 ma External Supply
Single input and LVTTL outputThreshold adjustment for + or - Input